Medical Technology


Area of application:

The sticking plaster is a symbol of effective medical care and has also come to symbolise the Medtech area of application. Medical textiles are divided into different classes, depending on whether they are used outside or inside the patient's body. Because of the high demands in relation to process safety and documentation, these are certainly the most ambitious examples of technical textiles.

Our related products:

Gruschwitz produces special yarns which are used to make surgical meshes, which the surgeon can implant in a special procedure to treat hernias, for example. These partially resorbable medical textiles (the material dissolves after a certain time in the body) help to stabilise the weakness in the connective tissue, provide support and relieve pain. Our twisted yarns are also used for medical sutures and toothbrushes and in high-end medical devices (e.g. for arthroscopy).

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