You will find an explanation of the technologies we use (twisting, winding, plying, functionalising, dyeing and braiding) here.


During the twisting process either a single yarn or several yarns can be used to form a twisted yarn. This process increases the strength and evenness of the yarn. The possibility of using different yarns made out of different materials, thicknesses or colours opens a great variety of yarn functionalities.


Throughout the winding process the yarn is brought to a suitable „make-up“ for further process steps, such as weaving, braiding, knitting or sewing. Tube size, bobbin format and weight but also running length can be individually adjusted according to the needs. Possible additional processing steps are heat-setting or coating with finishing agents as oil, wax, etc. .


In the plying process two or more yarns are brought together without twisting. The individual yarn count and the number of yarns determine the total yarn thickness. The use of different yarn materials makes it possible to produce hybrid-yarns with special functionalities.


Functionalization includes different processing possibilities such as coating, heat-setting or stretching to modify yarn properties. Coating can extend the basic yarn properties. In particular surface characteristics such as smoothness, adhesion behavior or friction can be adapted to the requirements of the next process step by coating. Heat-setting reduces the yarns tendency to curl and stretching optimizes the yarns strength.


Beside using spun-dyed material it is possible to dye bobbins in different colours according to the needs of the later application. By a strict quality control system colour evenness over the batches is safeguarded.


In a braiding construction at least three threads cross each other in diagonal direction. For braiding twisted or untwisted yarns can be used. The material and the size of the yarns can be very versatile, depending on the application. A distinction is made between flat braids and round braids with or without core. Yarn material and braiding construction can be adapted according to the requirements of the end-use.

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